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The Milking Cows

The momma hens, The devas, and The punks  


Please keep in mind that none of the cows are underweight, just like humans some cows are skinnier than others. In addition, some of them are pregnant so their weight will be distributed unevenly.

If you have any concerns about the husbandry in these pictures please keep in mind that every facility is different and not all the pictures were taken at our current property.  

We will now be posting our newborns on the website as well! The cows are owned by the three (grown) children of Torena Farms' Creators. Each has their own method of naming their calves and we will update you as soon as possible. Thank you : )

The Newest Baby

Created By: Ziva

Say Hello to the first baby boy of 2024. To keep with the theme we are calling him Dinozo. It seems to fit well and he has the goofier characteristics of the show's character and the spunkiness from his mom. We can't wait to see more of his personality develop over the course of the year. Welcome to Torena Farms Dinozo! 


Mina/Big Mama

The Founder & CEO

This cow has been in the family for over a decade and does not take no for an answer. She was supposed to be retired but she said no and had one last kid!

Hopefully, she will stay in permanent retirement!



This mama cow is an absolute giant! As you can see in the picture to the right she has had one set of twins and might have more! She is also one of our biggest milk producers. We can't wait for what curve balls she throws at us next.

Gaby and the Twins.JPG
peaches and her boy_edited.jpg


A Sassy Lassy

She is one of our most experienced cows in the group and has mothered many calves. One of Which is Vanessa who is currently in lactation.


Natural Born Momma

Charlotte is a first-time mom and milker. She is going a great job so far and we can't wait to see what she does next.

Corals line up pic 2023.png


Daughter of Nemo

Coral is another one of the cattle that we bred and raised ourselves. This girl was also a show-stopper and won many awards in the 4-H ring. She is already such a good mama and showing so much promise!


The hot sauce that will sneak up on you

Tally is one of our more experienced cows and a total trouper. She has been milking the longest so far this year. She may look skinny but she could lift weights all day every day.

Screenshot 2023-07-07 at 8.17.32 PM.png


The sweet southern

Tessa is another one of our cows she bred and raised. She is turning into a strong-willed Momma cow and we couldn't be more proud.



She is your run-of-the-mill worker. She likes what she does and gets the job done. You can also bet that she gossips with everyone during lunch.

courtney sept. 2023.png


aka an Elk

 She is our only Red Holstein and as rare and beautiful as it sounds. Because of this, she expects to be treated as a Queen. She wants to be fed on time and milked with Midas' hand. Although we might be able to compromise with some glitter.

zeva basking.jpg


Just like NCIS

Our wonderful cow, Ziva is on her second round of milking with Torena Farms. Just like the character in the TV show, the cow started a little feisty and rough around the edges. But the more she was accepted by the other cows and loved by the humans the cow too softened. Ziva now insists on getting her morning scratches before milking. 

beaner sept. 2023.png

Jelly Bean

Sweet like licorice

Jelly Bean is one of our younger cows on the TORENA Farms property. She is a half-Holstein and half-Brown Swiss mix making her one of a few that we have. 


Our resident EMO

Dots is our residential emo. She is rather reserved but still likes the occasional love session. Oh, and we cannot forget her favorite activity; sun bathing. She is just like Jelly Bean in the fact that she is Half-Holstein and Half-Brown Swiss. 



I think the name is self explanatory ;)

She is one of the oldest Jersey cows we have. She is a good milker and ready to retire to a nice family farm as soon as she is ready to retire. 

She is gorgeous and a little shy but she knows how to get the job done and won't quit until it's done the right way.


Complicated Katie 

Lovely Miss Katie is one of a few full Jersey Cows we have on the farm. She is a little more shy and conservative than the rest so we weren't sure how she would do in the new barn. However, she has done wonders and is ready to help the other girls in the milk collection. She was even willing to go into the barn before the baby was born. We were thinking she might have the baby in the barn she liked it so much!

Screenshot 2023-08-27 at 12.08.03 PM.png


The Old Lady

She is a great cow who is sweet with just the right amount of sass. She is also a great Mom who constantly checks on her calves.




A Cookie and a Cow

Oreo is one of our seasoned Mamas who (apparently) likes the Red Christmas Oreos more than my favorite the Orange Halloween. This is her second round of milking with Torena Farms. 

She is one of our bigger and spicier girls in attitude and size. She insists on being first to get her baby's milk. She is also a dedicated and observant mother to her children, always ensuring they have a babysitter and plenty of food. I'm pretty sure she also tells them bedtime stories after the evening milking.



The Stud-Muffin

This is our main male in the breeding program. In order to keep the program going. 

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