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Welcome to Torena Farms!

We are so happy you found our site! Here you can find information in regard to our product, Milk contract, a link to Buy a Share, Our Story, and our contact information for any questions you have.

Please keep in mind that safety is our #1 priority. To make buying a share more secure, and for the privacy of our delivery locations, we use a third-party site. The direct link is down below when you are ready!

Thank you for your Patience

Thank you to everyone who has stuck with us through this long journey of creating TORENA Farms LLC. and making our dreams come true. 

We are now on the digital portion of our journey so please bear with us as we edit the website and make it the most efficient possible!

Located just outside of Denver, CO, lies a beautiful farm with green grass, blue skies and pastures full of healthy and happy cows. We pride ourselves on having the highest quality Raw Milk in Colorado.  Our cows eat grass year around and in the winter months of January, February March and part of April they munch on the dried grass hay put up in large round or small square bales that we source from quality ranches throughout the summer.  Eating only grass is one of the reasons our happy cows make such delicious healthy and nutritious milk!  The way we raise and sustain our cows is how we are able to offer raw milk all year long.  

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